CACI Non-Surgical Solutions


  • Ultra-Anti-Ageing Facial
    from £60
    90 mins

    The treatment provides - cleansing of the skin and peeling of the skin using a series of rapid non abrasive ultrasonic vibration. This helps to gently remove dead skin cells, a combination of micro current and therapeutic light used to specifically target deep lines and wrinkles. Promoted as a non-invasive alternate to collagen injections and elastin making it particularly beneficial in treating the deep nose to mouth and frown lines intensive micro massage to the skin, this invigorates the circulation and blood flow to the area, which increases tissues oxygenation. The skin is left with the youthful glow and even coloration. A moisturiser is propelled in the skin using ultrasonic vibrations to deeply hydrate and moisturise the skin (Recommended - course of 10 - £550).

  • CACI Non-surgical Face Lift
    from £45
    60 mins

    Using micro current facial techniques in conjunction with a combination of faradic and galvanic slimming and toning applications, works to restore and redefine facial muscles, reducing line and wrinkles while simultaneously tightening, toning sagging face muscles (recommended course of 10 - £380).